RICE and ICE scoring now available

September 3, 2023Ben KingBen King

Wayplan was created to help product managers better prioritize features and plan their roadmap. Until today, we supported just one framework for prioritization scoring: Value vs Effort. We heard you wanted more options, so today we are releasing support for two new frameworks; RICE and ICE.

RICE was originally designed by the team at Intercom and stands for Reach, Impact, Confidence and Effort. Unlike Value vs Effort, RICE lets you score features by also taking into account the potential reach of those features, as well as your degree of confidence. RICE is beneficial for larger teams or products where the potential reach of a feature can vary widely.

Similarly, ICE also lets you score features by Impact, Confidence and Ease, but does not require you to gauge the potential reach of those features, making it a simpler option. ICE is more versatile and can be applied in various scenarios, especially when the reach of a feature is relatively consistent or when a quick assessment is needed.

You can now choose from all three frameworks in your workspace settings. We're also continuing to work on new frameworks, and will soon allow you to create your own custom formula to suit your needs. If you're interested in trying these new beta features out, just drop us a line!